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Shell Fleet Solutions provides businesses with more control, convenience, savings and security for managing employees, expenditures and processes. We innovate to create valuable tools for your business. Tools that fit your existing routine and adapt to your needs. Tools supported by 24/7/365 dedicated service.

We help you keep your crew on the road and on the job. We’re here to help you do more for your organization.


  • Limit spending at the product level, time of day or dollars/transactions per time period.
  • Specify where employees can use their cards. Limit by region or exclude regions—down to the individual site.3


  • Never save another fuel receipt. All transaction data is available in your monthly report.
  • Use the Shell Fleet Navigator® card for fuel and maintenance services anywhere that Mastercard® is accepted in North America.
  • Shell Fleet Plus is accepted at 1,350+ Shell stations and Shell Flying J stations.

  • Open 24/7/365, our dedicated support center is ready to help.
  • It’s easy to get your account set up and your crew on the road with new cards. Our Implementation Team will guide you through the process.
  • Access your account online anytime. Manage cards, view and pay invoices, and set purchase controls and limits.


  • Save with discounts on fuel and car washes,** plus get AIR MILES®† Reward Miles. And, Fleet Navigator cardholders get discounts at participating Jiffy Lube® locations.*
  • Our reporting tools help uncover money-saving insights on maintenance, mileage and training.


  • Track unauthorized spending and easily manage lost or stolen cards.
  • Reporting lets you know who bought what, where and when. Customize your cards to include driver, vehicle ID and/or odometer prompts at every fuel purchase to get even more data.***
  • Get more control over purchases and reduce risk of misuse or fraud. Customized controls allow you to receive alerts for every fuel purchase, and our proprietary, closed-loop network manages transactions from end to end for Fleet Plus.

  • Cancel a lost or stolen card in real time using the Fleet SmartHub® app2 or by logging into your account online.
  • View transactions as they happen and identify the time, location, vehicle and employee. Monitor credit and purchasing activities on the go with the Fleet SmartHub app.2

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